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Unapologetically Great

I had the opportunity to fellowship with a few phenomenal female leaders this weekend. Each were from a different field of work, each boldly educated, feisty with a zeal to create change and thirsty for opportunity. These ladies were very similar to me, very eager like me, yet still a whiff of uncertainty lingered in the air during our lunch. Uncertainty around capability? No. Uncertainty around ability? No. Uncertainty around skillset? No. Uncertainty around the powers that be believing that we each were the chosen one? Yes. It took me back to Eddie Murphy in the Golden Child. The one chosen for greatness. The one marked with the stain of leadership. The one chosen to lead the charge. The. One. Chosen. Why should I have to apologize for my energy, my leadership, my vision, my greatness? For being chosen? I was selected because someone saw talent, someone saw my capability, someone saw my fire to create change. Do I need to prove that to you...every time? Should I be a walking capability statement to make you feel more comfortable? I'm a female leader of color standing on the heels of my ancestors. My vision is bold. My strategy unwavering. I don't bend. I don't sway. I challenge and I chart the way forward. I forecast and I map. I listen and observe so that I can process and plan. I don't assume that I have all of the answers because I don't. I surround myself with subject matter expert giants and I'm not afraid if they're greater than me. That's intentional. I'm intentional. So, I don't have time to waste pendulum swinging back and forth with you and your idle minded questions just because you came late to the party. Your debilitating remarks only further reveal your insecurity and lack of everything else. It's quite unnerving. So, no, I'm not apologizing for being great because no one should have too. #unapologeticandgreat

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